Tourists Are Disappointed After Discovering Bali Temple Is Faked For Instagram

Tourists Are Disappointed After Discovering Bali Temple Is Faked For Instagram

Now that we’re embedded in a social media society, we’re all
very aware of the “expectation vs. reality.”

We’ve all seen the pictures: the beautiful beach picture that
turns out to be a littered dump.

Or, the temple in Bali that also turns out to be a recreation.

People heading to the Lempuyang Temple in Karangasem, which is
often referred to as the “Gates of Heaven,” are quickly finding out the truth.

At first, if you look at any photos on Instagram, you’ll find
beautiful images of a reflective pond that creates a perfect mirror image.

It’s so magical-looking.

But the truth is actually on Tripadvisor, where it’s revealed that the locals use
actual mirrors to create the pictures.

There’s no water in front of the gates at all, just a local who knows exactly how much tourists want a good image for their social media outlets.

And people are mad. Apparently, expectation vs. reality is a depressing thing.

“People come to this temple to take a picture with a piece
of glass. Yes the photo is spectacular and Instagram is full of these pictures
but it’s a shame that people don’t come for the history and religion,” one
person wrote on Tripadvisor.

Another commented, “Expect many tourist, and NO WATER ON

“Without editing, most photos will look rather ordinary.
Photos you see online look pretty because the shots are taken with a mirror,
giving the impression of a reflection on water,” said a third.

And a fourth commented, “I am a photographer and water
reflection is what made me go in the first place, so I was disappointed but
it’s good to visit.”

The people who have been leaving the reviews are also ones who’ve
been waiting in line up to three hours just to get their photo in front of the
gate. Talk about suffering for the perfect image.

But of course, there’s still plenty that thing it’s still worth
the wait.

What do you think?

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